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You Gotta Believe!
by posted 05/24/2023

Phillies, Do you believe?

It's baseball night in Arlington!

Phillies vs. Twins @ Buck field.

Thursday May 25th

Players please report to the field no later than 7pm.

First pitch will be 7:45p

We will meet on the soccer fields behind the baseball field for warm ups.



Temps are supposed to drop into the low 50's by the start of our game. Bring clothing so you can stay warm through when playing and when waiting to play. However - Uniforms should be worn as the top layer of clothing. Bring a sweatshirt and/or a jacket, whatever you need to keep yourself warm throughout the game. 


Please send your players to the field with a healthy snack so they can maintain their energy levels until the game is over. Even though it will be chilly tomorrow night - please make sure your player brings water with them too.



Due to some issues we've had over gum this season, no player will be allowed on the field while chewing gum. They will be asked to spit it out or sit down for the inning if they do. Since the wrappers and the gum itself are often left behind once the game is over I ask for your help in discouraging your players from bringing it to the game. 


I encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding these requests.  Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night and hearing the ding of Phillies' bats echo in the night!



Coach Jason

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