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Pitching clinics cancelled today Jun 4
by posted 06/04/2023

<see full msg in email> June 4 pitching clinics canceled due to weather. Coach Emily will see everyone next Sunday. Practice those indoor towel snaps, and other drills if you have a foam ball and safe space to do so inside. 

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Bishop field 5PM Mon 5/29 for pitchers practice
by posted 05/29/2023

<see email/AYBSA for full msg> tonite's pitcher's practice: 5PM @ Bishop

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Combined pitchers practice 5PM on Memorial Day 5/29
by posted 05/27/2023

<see full msg in email/AYBSA clinic page> Pitching clinic practice session Mon 5PM at Bishop this week. Bring your catcher- another softball player or parent. Pitchers should be working on their homework from Coaches Emily and Carey almost every day. Pitchers' homework is posted to the clinic bulletin boards and was also sent out by email.

See you Monday @ 5PM, Coach Stephanie

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Memorial Weekend Pitching Practice day/time poll
by posted 05/25/2023

<see ful lmsg in email/AYBSA clinic page> Memorial weekend pitching practice poll: https://forms.gle/piPrTDFMh7t1o63M6

Hello Softball Pitcher Families and Team Coaches Please let me know when works best for the clinic practice session this weekend? We can hold the pitching practice session as long as we'll have AYBSA coaches. We may also need to combine the 10U and 12U groups depending on # coaches available. (FYI, this weekend we do NOT have a hired pitching coach, just us parent coaches to help keep our learning pitchers going in their technique development through practice time :-)

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Pitching Clinic Homework from Coach Emily
by posted 05/25/2023

<see email & AYBSA clinic page for full msg> Pitching Clinic homework from Coach Emily

Click links to see videos:

Towel whips

Whip drill

Wrist Snap Series

Under the knee drill

  • Put left knee down and prop up right knee to the side;
  • Do a complete circle & snap ball into the air from under right leg, wrap hand around hamstring, work to each corner

One knee drill 


Single leg balance drill

  • balance on drive leg (foot at 45 degree angle) palms facing you and elbows soft
  • full circle and throw without allowing the foot to land 
  • (try lifting and lowering the front leg to experiment with balance)



  • wrong leg forward, athletic stance 
  • palms facing and elbows soft
  • first move elbows apart, then elbow towards catcher


Three circle drill

  • take a big step forward, turn your front foot 45 degrees and make sure your laces are facing the catcher (power travels front/back not up/down)
  • elbows soft and palms facing you
  • do 3 circles (one, pitch on the second, keep going into a third)


Long toss

  • full pitch, if you reach your catcher take two steps back
  • if you throw it over your catcher or don’t make it to your catcher, count your steps by walking to your catcher
  • if you reach your catcher on one hop you can try that distance again, if it happens twice, count your steps by walking to your catcher


Also see this in Coach Emily's Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AcMidfqdcFcv6LmIok0m777JTYtGPexLLy8_O_ooBWs/edit?usp=sharing


with any questions


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