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                                                                                    2023 AYBSA ALL-STAR SELECTION PROCESS


Dear Parent

As the 2023 AYBSA Major Baseball Division approaches the halfway point of the season we begin our focus on the All-Star selection process.  The Major league, as we did last year, will be submitting one team at each age level into All-Star play.  Very shortly the managers will be asked to provide a thorough evaluation/recommendation of the players on their team.  The purpose of this letter is to give you the opportunity to decide whether you would like your son/daughter considered for All-Star selection.

The AYBSA asks that you please take a moment in making this decision.  All-Stars can provide a unique opportunity for players to continue to develop their baseball skills in a competitive baseball environment.  This experience can provide a chance to make new friends for players, parents, and siblings while creating memories that can last a lifetime.

All-Stars can also be a change for players who may for the first time be competing in front of large crowds at an increased level of intensity.  Some players react differently to these factors.  This may also be the first time players will experience sitting on the bench, and having limited opportunity to contribute during a given game.  This will be challenging for the player and their parents.  All-Stars are played under different rules than we use during the regular season in Arlington.  These rules restrict substitutions, pitching availability, and player utilization.  As a result of these rules and roster sizes some players may play very little and must learn to cooperate with managers who make the playing time decisions.  There is a chance that you may drive a long distance to a game and your son/daughter may not play in that game.  

All-Star play requires a considerable commitment on the part of the player and their family.  Typically All-Star play begins with “Districts” that commence shortly after the end of the town season.  Each tournament may run for 7-10 days with varying levels of travel and little or no days off.  If a team should move onto the State/Regional tournaments then your commitment to baseball (practices and games) could run into August.  We ask that you please factor this into your decision making.  It would be unfortunate for a player who is truly committed to miss out on this opportunity, or an entire group to suffer because a player leaves his/her team for a preplanned vacation or camp. 

Below is the 2022 schedule for the Cal Ripken District, State and Regional Tournaments.  Please note the 10 and 12 year old levels are national bound teams and have a World Series after Regionals (not listed).         


8 year old - June  - host  TBD

9 year old – June - host 

10 year old – June  - host  

11 year old 60’ - June  - host 

12 year old 60’ – June  - host 



8 year old - July  - host 

9 year old – July 2- host TBD 

10 year old – July  - host  

11 year old 60’ - July  - host TBD

12 year old 60’ – July  - host 



8 year old - July  - host 

9 year old – July  - host 

10 year old – July  - host  

11 year old 60’ - July - host 

12 year old 60’ – July - host 



 By far the most important and influential people in All-Stars are the parents of the players.  It is your effort, cooperation, attitude, and contributions that are the driving force behind the success of the TEAM. 

Again, we ask that please take the time to make this decision carefully.  If you should have any questions or concerns please communicate them with your team manager. 


Thank you.

AYBSA Board of Directors