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Many aspects of how our program runs are determined by the parent organization, Babe Ruth League.   However, there is some flexibility in certain areas and not every town runs their youth baseball program in exactly the same way. This page provides some questions and answers about  organized youth baseball and softball in Arlington.

When is the Season?
Registration takes place in the winter and early spring, with tryouts (baseball 9-12's only) in March.  Teams are assigned and begin practicing in late March/early May.  Games begin in mid to late April and run through late May to early June.  Opening Day is usually held on the last weekend during April school vacation week.  [Note:  this does not apply to Tee Ball, which has a shorter season.]

Who Can Play?
Boys and girls aged 5-12 can play baseball; girls aged 10-15 can play softball. The baseball program is divided into four groups by age and/or ability. The softball program is divided into two groups.  (Baseball for players over 12 years old is handled by the separate Arlington Babe Ruth program.)

A  (“Tee Ball”) = introductory level for ages 5 & 6
AA = training level for ages 7 & 8
9's = Only 9 Year olds
AAA = competitive level for ages 10-12
Majors = more competitive level for ages 9-12

Majors = competitive level for ages 10-12
Juniors = competitive level for ages 13-15

How is a Player's Age Determined?
For baseball, a player’s age is their age as of April 30th of the year of play.  For Softball, it's their age as of December 31st the previous year.  Use the Age Calculator to determine your child's baseball or softball age.  Here are some examples, assuming the season begins on April 20th in any given year:

Baseball/Softball Age Examples
Birthday True age at start of season (April) "Baseball age" "Softball age"
Jan 15 10 10 9
Apr 15 10 10 9
Jul 15 10 10 10
Oct 15 10 10 10

How do I register my child?
All registrations and payments are done online.  Go to "Register Online" on the front page of the website and choose the program you would like to register your child for.  You will be prompted to enter your email address and password or just your email address if you are a new member.  (The system will then email you your password.)  Once you have logged in with your password, you will either enter the player's information or, if the player is already in the database,  select the player's existing record.  Depending on gender and date of birth, the system will determine if your child is eligible for the program.  If you see a box that says "Register" next to the child's name, click that to continue.  If the box says "ineligible", it means your child does not qualify to register for this program.

How Much Does it Cost?

The registration fees for each program level are shown when you register online.  This fee covers league administration fees and town field maintenance as well as uniform items.  In addition to the program fee, parents typically spend $25-200 on shoes, mitt and (optionally) a bat.  This cost will vary and many of these items can be used from year to year and handed down from child to child.


What Do Players Wear?

All players wear team shirts and caps, provided by the League.  Majors players (baseball) are loaned a team jersey for the season, which must be returned.  All other players receive a T-shirt they can keep.  Tee Ball players wear only the shirt and cap, along with the pants/shorts and sneakers of their choice.  Older players are given baseball pants and socks by the League.   Most older players wear cleats (molded only, no metal spikes), though it is not required.  Shirt and cap must be worn to all games.    


How are Teams Assigned?
Younger players are assigned to teams, typically by neighborhood or school. Older players compete in a tryout and are then drafted by either a AAA or Majors team. Once a player is on a Majors team, they remain on that team in subsequent years and no longer need to participate in the tryout.  If you have a special situation that warrants a request to be on the same team as someone else (e.g., a sibling or neighbor), please submit your request to league director.

Where and When are Games Played?
Games are played every week throughout the season. Players are expected to attend every game unless they have been excused by their manager or coach. The younger the league, the less often they play. Tee Ball is played once or twice a week while AAA, Niner's and Majors play as often as 3-4 times per week. After the regular season, AA, AAA and Majors have American and National League playoffs, followed by a “World Series” to determine the town championship teams for each level.

Fields are located throughout Arlington. See “Fields” menu for a complete list of field names and locations.  Baseball Majors play at Buck, Scannell and McClennen.  The other divisions typically play on the same few fields throughout the season, but it is more varied.

Are There Practices?
Whether a team has practices and how many they have is up to the individual team manager. Typically there are practices for about a month before the season starts for all divisions except for Tee Ball.  Some teams practice more than others and the older players typically practice more than the younger ones. There is a batting cage at Poet’s Field that teams can arrange to use.

How Can a Parent Help?
There are many opportunities for parents to help with this program. Each team needs a manager, coaches and team parent. Often the parents who take these roles keep them throughout the years their children are in the program and sometimes longer, but there are openings from year to year. Each team can also use help with phone calling and other coordination among players. Check with your child’s team manager to see what kind of help is needed. There is always room for more fundraising help. If you’d like to get involved, just ask around. This is an all-volunteer organization.




Where is the AHS “Red Gym”?
The AAA/Majors tryouts and the annual pre-season warm-up clinics are held at the Arlington High School Red Gym”, which is located at the very back of the school building.  The school is located at 869 Mass. Ave. to get to the Red Gym, go down Schouler Street (to the left of AHS, if facing the school from Mass. Ave. or enter from Millbrook Road off of Mill Street.
Driving to the back of the school on the Schouler Street side, you’ll see doors on the side of the building toward the back. You can enter there to reach the Red Gym.  Or, from the Millbrook Road side, enter through the courtyard just to the left of the Menotomy Preschool (located in the right rear of the high school, if facing from Mass Ave.)



Is There Summer Baseball?
For players who are interested, the League usually offers summer leagues, including a competitive travel league and a less competive league with less commitment.  

Are There Awards?

Each year at the end of the season a 'Homerun Durby" 12 year old graduation is held to which all League members and their families are invited.  Trophies are awarded to winning teams and players.  Players on the Town Championship Majors team are awarded personalized jackets.

Is There Baseball After Age 12?
For players 13-15, there is a separate organization in Arlington running the 13-15 year old  Babe Ruth League program.  That organization is called Arlington Babe Ruth.  For more information, go to www.arlingtonbb.org.


How Do Parents Receive Communications?

Most communication is done through email and through the website.  Be sure and check the website regularly, especially just before the season starts and during the season.  And make sure the League always has your up to date email address.  If you need to change your email address, you can log into the website under “Edit My Account”.  Log in using the old email address (since the website database will recognize it) and use your old password.  Once you’re in your account, you can update your email address along with any other information you need to update. 


How Can I View Team Rosters?

To view a teams roster, go to the TEAMS menu item at the top of the website, then select the division and team.  (The selection for season defaults to the current one.)  After selecting the team, choose ROSTER from the menu on the left.  A roster of names with no player contact information will be displayed.   Only members who are affiliated with a team (meaning managers, coaches, parents and players) can access  player contact information and a team password is required.


How Can Team Members Communicate with Each Other?  (Team Passwords)

All members of a team can communicate with each other by using the contact information stored in the website’s database and by using the built-in email links.  To view your team roster with contact information, go to the TEAMS menu item at the top of the website, select your division and team, then select  ROSTER from the left side of the screen.  Type your team password  at the bottom of the screen, then LOG IN.   A roster with contact information will then be displayed, along with links that allow you to choose


Printable Version – select this to produce your own copy on paper


Email the Whole Team - connects you to your computer’s default email program and automatically sends to all email addresses associated with your team. 


In addition you can click on individual members to access a link to their email address.  (Most of the time the email address for a player is the same as their parents.)  The contact information also includes phone numbers and physical addresses.


NOTE TO MANAGERS:  Most League members have access to email, but some do not.  If you have a player without email access it is important that you either take responsibility for passing along to them any information that is being conveyed by email or ask another family to take responsibility for passing information along to the family.