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  • Major League registration is open!


Spring 2023: Major League Registration


 Dear AYBSA families,


AYBSA has opened the registration and has scheduled the tryout for the Major League Spring 2023 season. All other leagues; 4-8 year olds and softball the registration will open in early winter.



All new and returning players ages 9 through 12 years old in 2023, this includes returning players already on a major league rosters. 

Register today! www.aybsaonline.org



  Saturday October 15th (9am to 1pm) at Buck Field for the program's Major League Spring 2023 season. Any player who will be league age 10, 11, & 12 in the 2023 spring season and who is not currently a member of a Major League team are required to attend this tryout. 


This will be the only Major League tryout held for the 2023 spring season. Players will be drafted into open slots on Major League teams the following week after the tryout. All age-eligible players who are not selected for a Major league team or who do not attend the tryout will play in the Triple-A League for the Spring 2023 season.


Note: Players who did not make a major league team and new 9-years old playersthe Triple-A league will have a separate tryout/evaluation in early spring of 2023. Triple-A teams will be formed the following week of the tryout/evaluation.


AYBSA will send notification on the format the week of the tryout. In the  event of rain, the make-up date will be Sunday, October 16th.





 Baseball      Triple A (AAA) League ages 9 thru 12

The Triple-A league will consist of players league ages 9 through 12. The 10 through 12 year olds will participate in tryouts in conjunction with the Major league in fall 2022. The 9 year olds will have a separate tryout/evaluation in early spring 2023.  After the Major draft the remaining 10 to 12 year olds will be drafted onto the Triple-A teams along with the 9 year old players. Players are required to attend a tryout in order to be eligible for the draft. The number of teams in the Triple-A league will be determined by the number of players.  The rosters will be finished by early April and practices will begin in mid-April.  Games will start during the end of April and end in late June.  There will be 2 to 3 games a week with one being on the weekend.  Start times during the week will be 5:45PM or 7:45PM and weekends on Saturday morning or evening.


Baseball       Majors    League ages 10 thru 12

This age group consists of player league ages 10 through 12 only. New players will participate in a try-out in the fall 2022 in order to be drafted onto one of the Major league teams. Players are required to attend the tryout in order to be eligible for the draft, no exceptions.   Players already on a Major league roster from the previous year do not need to tryout and are only required to register.  After the try-out there will be a draft to fill the Major league rosters by October-2022.  The remaining 10 to 12 year olds not selected will be drafted on to the Triple-A teams.  The rosters will be finished by the middle of October and practices will begin late March, early April.  Game will start end of April and end in mid-June.  There will be 2 to 3 games a week with one being on the weekend.  Start times during the week will be 5:45PM or 7:30PM and weekends in the early afternoon and evenings. Make-up games if needed will be played on Sundays at 2:00and 5:00pm.

If you have any questions, please contact the Directors of Major League.




by posted 09/12/2022
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